Operation Moscow Operation Moscow 23

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With certainty,Second Sister is currentlyattempting to leave Moscow.Her only way is by illegal means.Second Sister might be fleeing Moscow now.Her only way is by illegal means.

We must setup a checkpointon all long-distance busstops, toll booths, trainstations and airports.To flee, she'll need amode of transportation.They are setting up check points.If Second Sister is fleeing, shewill use a mode of transportation.

But we must be fast.She won't give us much time.We must be fast.We will send her picturesto all motels and hotels.

If she wants to hide,she'll go to those places.We should also send her photosto any places she might appear.They still will search hotels and motels,and post her photosin any places she might appear.Officer Chen,I'm assigning Boris to lead this operation.

He can speak Chinese.You will be able tocommunicate well with him.I'll go search the motels now.She's letting Boris be incharge of this operation.

Boris can speak Chinese.If Second Sister isfound, it will be easierfor them to cooperate with us.Let's have a pleasant partnership.A pleasant partnership.

Operation MoscowEpisode 23Bus StationThis lady is an Asian.She's a wanted criminal beingpursued by the 73rd precinct.If you see her,arrest her.Okay.

Look very well.Don't miss her.Set out.I'm a cop.

Please show me your passport.Your passport.Please get off the car.Why?

We have to check.Please come with us.Hello.Please show me your passport.

Madam, please stop.Hello. Please show me your passport.Passport.

You must go back with mefor investigation.I beg you.Okay.You can go now.

Goodbye.Here's yours. Wait a minute.How are things?

Nothing.What was that? I didn't understand.What?

What's in your pocket?Nothing.Let's go to a more private place then.Later.

No. Now.Please wait here for a minute.They gave us such a poor quality photo.

This is impossible.With this level of clarity,we won't be able to identify her.Call the 73rd precinct.Just tell them that we held anyonethat looked similar to the photo.

Have them verify it.Hello.Really? Okay.

We'll send people there now.What's going on?A call from the bus station.They found a woman that lookedvery similar to Second Sister.

Okay. Let's rush towards there now.Wait.Hello.

Okay. Please wait a while.We'll go there right now.The airport also called.

They said they found two Second Sister.Two Second Sister?Right.Did they get it wrong?

How about this?I'll tell them to detain these people.We'll go verify them one by one.Let's do this.

I'll let my team divide andgo over there to look.Have a safe trip.Have a safe trip.Have a safe trip.

Have a safe trip.Have a safe trip.Have a safe trip.Madam, come over here for a while.

Wait a minute, Miss.Come over here.Please go over there.Boris.

This faxed picture is so blurred.Don't you guys have anything clearer?There are a lot ofpictures, but no good fax machine.But with this degree of clarity,even I will havea hard time discerning her looks.

What sports do you like?Sports?I'm not really good in any.My ping-pong is so-so.

Of course, you're a Chinese.When I was in college,I joined a soccer competition.I've always thought thatour team's coach willgive us some tactics or positioning,but he never did.He only said one statement.

Just get up there andgive them a good beating.Just that 'give them a good beating'.Afterwards, I asked him,"Coach, how come you never didany tactical arrangement?"He laughingly replied,"Do you still need tacticswith your rotten standards?

"What I mean isdo you know thatqualifications and standards should match?Don't be mad.In the eyes of those Russian cops,all Chinese women look alike.No matter how clear your photo is,they won't be able to recognize it.

Can't help with that.How about this then?Tell them to bring everyone they found hereand we'll verify them here,for I'm afraid that we might miss herif we go to each places.I fear that we won't be ableto do it, Officer Chen.

Their people are limited.It's impossible for themto still bring her here.Look. The whole Moscow is looking for her.

Because she's a special personality.Indeed.Hello.What?

Okay. I got it.We will go there.Another train station called.

They said that they found SecondSister and ask us to confirm.All my colleagues are outto verify the claims.I'll go look.Hello.

Boris.Where are you?I'm at the police stationin Kiev's train station.Quickly come save me.

Okay.Hurry.I'm worried that those 2 Russian policewill hand me to your colleague.Just hold on for a while more.

Is Chen Erli there?He's in front of me.Don't let him know.Of course.

We don't have much time left.Wait for me there.Don't panic. I'll go there now.

Officer Chen.Theydescribed a woman in avery detailed manner.She seemed to look a lotlike Second Sister.Do you want to personally go there to look?

Okay. I'll go.Okay. I'll arrange for a car to take you.


What's wrong with you people?Wasting my time with no reason at all.Let me tell youthat my time is very precious.My business deals are very important.

Do you know that?My every hour is worth more than a hundred.Really so sorry.Please wait a bit more.

We'll immediately let everyone go, okay?How was it?Running around the whole day.Checking more than 10 people.

None is Second Sister.I don't understand.Such bad luck.She's so cunning.

Actually, I feel thatshe might have not fled today.She just toyed with us.If that's the case,today was a waste of time.Could I have misseda certain part that's whyshe was able to leak out?

Look.How's this for you?At least here,no one will find you.Boris,I want to leave Russia.

Are you crazy?They've locked on allmode of transportation.If you leave now, you're justwalking into their trap.Just wait first, Second Sister.

Once the checks havestopped, I'll send you away.Don't worry.Can I believe you?Of course.

How come Second Sister isable to escape all the time?If it's just once or twice, that isbecause of good luck.But she was able to escapefrom us all the time.Erli,could there be another reason?

Look at all these Russian cops.Maybe one hasalready been bought by her.We must find this person.Or else, we'll never catch her.

Maybe we were really wrong today.Second Sister didn't flee.It was just a pretense.That's possible.

It is indeed what happened.No.Look.This is a copy of Second Sister's passport.

This means that she walkedinto our trap today.There must be a snitchwithin the Russian cops.And this person is in the 73rd Precinct.What are you doing?

Didn't you hear the children crying?Then go over there andmake them quiet down.You have to do that yourself this time.What is it?

I give you my monthly salary.The money you broughtback this month is less.Tell me, why is that?The money I gave you is alreadymore than my salary!

Get lost!You heard them crying. You two come here.Stand here and cry loudly.

What are you doing?Are you crazy?That's right! I'm crazy!

I don't have money to buy new clothes.I also don't have themoney to buy a new TV.The only thing that I must do every dayis to feed one cryingmouth after the other.That's why, you shouldbring home more money.

You're unreasonable!Go to hell, Boris!Don't cry anymore.Don't cry.

Don't be scared. Come with me.I don't know any Chinese woman.Okay.

How much are you paying me?Second Sister seems to knowall our operation beforehand.The matter yesterdayproved my deduction more.There must be a snitchwithin 73rd Precinct.

Second Sister knew of ouroperations every time.This means that there is asnitch within 73rd Precinct.Very possible.He said it's possible.

We must first find this snitch.Only by then can we catch Second Sister.We have to find the snitch beforewe can catch Second Sister.Right.

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He said you're right.Hence, please give thecommand to investigate.Please give the command to investigate.Officer Chen,it is indeed very importantto go after the spy.

I also hope to find that rotten apple.But a work like thatwill require time.It can't be as quickas you hope to.Or else, if we catch the wrong person,it will cause a badeffect on 73rd Precinct.

He said that finding the snitch is indeedvery important but it needs time.Also, if they caught the wrong person,it will cause a badeffect on 73rd Precinct.Sorry, Mr. Sergei.

Sorry to be frank.I can endure anything else,but for this matter,no matter how much effort mustbe spent, we have to find out who he is.If we allow a snitch to exist,it's like treating the lives of all policeas child's play. Understand?

As a cop, we will neverallow a snitch to exist.If we allow him to exist,it's like treating a cop'slife as child's play.The investigation must be done secretly.The result must also be handled in secret.

The investigation and resultmust be secretly done.Of course.The lesser the peoplewho knows, the better.The lesser the peoplewho knows, the better.

I actually have a very simple method.Sergei and I have agreedthat he will give the73rd Precinct a fake newsabout Second Sister.Whoever is the snitch will surely contactSecond Sister after hearing this news.At the same time, we sent men to listento all the phones of 73rd Precinct.

As long as the snitch takes the bait,we can find him and Second Sister.Hello, come over here for a while.Also, bring with you all the filesabout the train robbery case.Say, Old Sheng, why is yourdriver's hand that itchy?

Why must he drive my truck?!What now?!

He crashed it!Are you paying?!Which eye of yours saw mydriver driving your truck?

My men never touched your truck.Did you see his driver drive the truck?It was indeed your driver!Look for the person who drove it!

You stinky mouth rascal!You're the stinky mouth!You hired the person sohow will I find him?Miss, can I ask you what'sgoing on over there?

That man with yellow clothes is Old Wen.The other one is Old Sheng.They both are here to openup lands for farming.Old Sheng has a Russian workerthat got drunk last night.

He drove Old Wen's tree bulldozer away.And even crashed it.Old Wen then couldn't take it andcame here to ask Old Sheng to pay.- What do you mean?

!- No one's minding you.Stinky rascal! Leave!

Keep your money for your coffin!You better be careful when you talk!Be careful when you're outside!What are you saying?

Stop fighting!That Russian guy has escaped.Old Sheng refuses to pay up.Hence, they are now fighting.

Stop! Don't use force!Move aside! Don't get physical!

- All of you, don't use force.- Better be careful!- What does that mean, Old Wen.- So unreasonable.

Leave! Stay far from here!You guys better watch what you say!Stinky rascal!

You all came from China?Right.It's easier to earn here.You drop an item.

- Old Wen.- Little Luo.Thanks.I stay here when I'm doing nothing.

Planting plants and flowers.The surrounding is nice.Here. Here.

This is my house.This house looks nice.I'm just renting it.Please go inside.

Zhao'er, sit.I'll get you some apples.Based on your diction,you're from Dongbei, right?I'm from Jilin.

We're from the same province.I'm from Harbin.Really?It's true.

From my house to Harbin,it's only a 3 hour ride.Genuine co-villagers.Right?Let me peel you an apple.

I'll do it myself.Okay.You live alone in this big house?Where are your wife and kids?

I'm single.When I'm full, the whole family is full.Why then did you think of expandingyour career here in Russia?This you don't know anymore.

I earn more here than back home.The land here is cheaper.When you sell the things youplant, the price is quite good.I'm basically well off now.

Look.- I kept talking.- Be careful.You've hurt yourself.

I'll get you some medicines.I'll put on some medicines and dress it.No need.It's fine.

I'm not that delicate.It will be troublesome if it infects.I'll get you medicines. Wait for me.

Old Wen, there are too many dishes.Stop it already.I still have one lamb soup.My signature dish.

Wait. It'll be out soon.Coming.Here.

Thanks.Okay. Enough.Eat.

Eat some vegetables.Taste them and tell me about it.It's been long since I ate Chinese food.So delicious.

I cook Chinese food here every day.If you want to eat one, just come here.Really?I won't be courteous then.

No need to be polite.Come. Eat.Eat some egg.

This one.I'll get on my own.Here.That's right too.

For a lady like you to travelfar just to come here to Russiaand have no family nor friendshere, it must be hard.Sorry. I said the wrong words.Why must I say unnecessary things?

!Don't put it to heart.It's okay.You're right.

I indeed got sad afterremembering my matter.Little sister,if you have any problem, you can tell me.We both are from Dongbei.If I'm able to help, I surely will help.

Actually,I actually was broughthere by a co-villager.Because that time, they didgold washing here in Russiaand got rich.I just wanted to earn some money.But I never thoughtthat earning money isn't that easy.

You can't earn by being honest and proper.Then, I got tricked by my co-villager.He took the gold and left,leaving me here to pay for the debts.Those gangsters will threaten me everyday.

They said that if I don't pay up,they will sell me to prostitution.I couldn't come up with anyideas to pay, hence, I escaped.Chinese swindling a Chinese.What the hell?

!Don't worry.If you want, you can stay here.Those stupid rascals won'tdare cause trouble here.

I'll scare them to death.Old Wen,it isn't obvious,but you got quite a temper.No, I just hate Chineseswindling Chinese the most.But I'm not usually like this.

That day, Old Shengreally angered me so much,but I didn't even hit him.I'm still usually quite nice.Eat then.Drink some wine.

Here.Zhao'er, let me tour you around.That is the kitchen.This is my study.

I do my business deals here.How comeyou have a single bed here?Aren't I single?I'm fine with a single bed.

When I just arrived here in Russia,I also worked under other people.I farmed for others.After a few years,I started buying lots.Now, I've hired a group ofRussians to work for me.

The wheel of fortune turns.That's how things are.This study roomof yours is very complete.You even have a safe.

I don't believe in Russian banks.I send all the moneyI earn to our countryand then convert them to RMB.Or else, I couldn't haveopened my own farm that fast.With you being so able, why not?

It won't still do.Oh, right, do you know thatRussian lands are up for sale this year?I plan to buy all those landsand permanently set my roots here.At this time, the best method is tolook for a civilian residentialarea and hide there.

If it's me, that is what I'll do.Hello.Mr. Sergei, good evening.

Okay. I understand.Everyone, listen. We have a new mission.

Mr. Sergei just called saying theMinistry of Internal Affairs has grabbedhold of a top secret information.They have located the hidingplace of the Chinese suspect.He requested us to wait for ordersand be prepared to go there anytime.

My wife will be fightingwith me again this time.Boris, make sure you win then.It's me. What is it?

The operation has been canceled.Okay. We'll get off work now.It's been called off.

Here.Old Wen.Really so sorry.I troubled you again today.

Zhao'er.What are you saying?You're still being polite with me?I want to ask you.

What are your future plans?I told my family before I leftthat I surely will earn money.But half a year has passed.I didn't earn even a cent.

But I don't want to go back like this.But right now, I'm unable tocontinue living here in Russia.What do I do?Little Sister, don't cry.

There's a way for everything.All obstacle can be crossed.Let's think of a way to solve them.What way can there be?

I don't have any skill.Let me tell you about me.I will ponder now and find a way for you.What is most important in an economy?

Farming.No matter where you go, a person must eat.Right?Here in Russia, I run a farm.

My one yearis equal to so many yearsof earnings by others.And now, my farm is expanding.My profit will surely get better.If you follow me from now on,what will you still worry about?

Why are you looking at me like that?What did you say earlier?What do you mean?- I.

- You're're asking me tobecome your wife?No, I.I.

.I.That.I want to help you.

Let me think about it first.Based on the result of the wire tapping,no strange phone calls camefrom 73rd precinct last night.Could they have some secret languagethat you didn't notice?How can that be?

Are you treating me as a child?How can we not notice something that's off?Any situation can be a possibility.I only said one.

Let us discuss it.Why get this agitated?The problem you're saying doesn't exist.I'm not fighting with you.

You think I want to fight?What did I say?Captain named a lot ofpossibilities earlier.I only said one of them.

Must you vent your anger on me?Were you analyzing?You were finding fault.Why are you so mad?

Others can say it, but I can't?Enough.Stop arguing.It's still hard to say what has happened.

Since you were unable to find the snitch,can this matter end here?He said that since we're notable to find the snitch,can this matterend here now?No.Little Zhao,hand me that walnut cracker.

Where?It's in that box beside you.Right.Thanks.

Old Wen, I still need to do something.- Where are you going?- I must go now.What are you doing?

Wait a minute.Listen, I have something to tell you.Sit down.Sit down.

I have a secret to tell you.At this point,I must tell it to you.I have been marriedbefore and have a child.That is what you want to say?

Right.Or else, in the future,you might say that I'm unfaithful and havebad opinions about me.Old Wen,you're really an honest person.I'll help you crack the walnut.

The information yesterdaydidn't lure that snitch to expose himself.I think that it's becausehe felt that the matter isn't that serious.It hasn't reachedthe stage that will forcehim to risk danger.The info yesterday didn't lure thesnitch out because he felt thatthe problem isn't that grave.

How about this? Let's makeanother announcement.This time, directly bringthe danger to the snitch.We will make another announcement.

Make the snitch feel that he's in danger.Yesterday, he didn't take the bait.Why then will he believe it this time?He said that since the snitchdidn't believe it yesterday,why then will he fall for it today?

Let us increase the degreeof the danger a little.Directly stun him.Let's make it more dangerousto directly stun him.Just make up stories as you want.

For me, a trick like this isuseful the first try, but will bemore and more ineffective the next time.He said that a method likethis should just be used once.It will fail the next time.This time, we canpackage it a bit better.

Make it more convincing.Of course.We might need help from others.Let's make it more convincing.

Of course, we need to ask help from others.What do you plan to do?Please come in.Hello, 1st Lieutenant Masha.

Hello. Please sit.Thanks.It's like this.

A few days ago, when we weremonitoring the other targets,we might have caught aglimpse of Second Sister.That agent has followed Mikayev before.He recognized her.He said that he saw SecondSister with a policein the train station.

Really?Mr. Sergei told me tobring you a copy of thesurveillance video.It might help in finding Second Sister.

Thank you very much.No need for thanks. Ihope it'll be of help.The video is quite long.

You all just slowly watch it.Goodbye.Thanks again. Goodbye.

Vera, please come inside my office, okay?Surveillance cameras might have recordedthe escape of Second Sisterfrom the train station.I heard thatshe escaped via the help of a cop.I got it, 1st Lieutenant Masha.

What do you want me to do?Bring these tapes to the video room.Go over them once tomorrow.Shouldn't I start tonight?

No need.We all did overtime last night.Okay, 1st Lieutenant.Thanks.


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