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this video I'm going to talk aboutanother product from alpaka is thealpaka air sling and this bag comes withthe USB so if you want to knoweverything about this product stay tunedafter the introhi everyone welcome to MADpack where weunpack your next product and if it's your firsttime here we only talk about technologyon this channel so if you like tech coolstuff and also Electric skateboardsdefinitely subscribe to this channel buttoday we are going to talk about anotherproduct from Alpaka and this time isthe Alpaka air sling and this small bag hassome features quite quite interesting sofirst of all like you can see this bagis really really small so if I put nextto my hand you can see that is notreally really big but you have acapacity of 4 liters and something thatis quite interesting you see this knifeit don't cut and these knife cutsreally really well so there is anadvantage that you have here so you aresure that this backpack will have a veryvery good durability another featurethat I really like in all the productsfrom Alpaka is the smart mechanismso if you don't have seen I've doneanother video that is the Alpaka 7ven mini that I'll leave in the descriptionin the cards above me but when we talkabout features I love the way that youcan close your bag so you just have toslide to the side to open and when youwant to close it you just have to comecloser and because they have somemagnets it will close automatically thisbag also comes with some space to putsome pens so it's very very easy to haveaccess to them you just have to slide tothe side and you can put until two penson this backpack in this way anotherthing that you have with this small bagis this small hole here that you can puta locker but I have to tell you guys Idon't see the purpose to put a locker onyour backpack on the bottom you havealso this rubber here that is also cutproof so like you can see I'm passingwith the knife and it doesn't cut and I likethe rubber so the material are quitequite nice another thing that you findon this bag is the strap where you cangrab it and also space you put on yourbelt but I use this bag in another waythat will let you know in a minute whenwe talk about the front compartment allthe Interior is in 210D ripstop nylonyou have a keychain so in that way it'svery very easy to find your keys youhave a small compartment where you canput your debit card with contactlessusing on public transport or obviously alsoyour publictransport pass and at that way if youneed to use it you just have to comecloser with your bag and use it so thatis an advantage that you have on thesefront compartments when we talk aboutthe main compartment is big you can puteverything that you need is in 210Dripstop nylon but the other two pocketsthey are not in 210D ripstop nylonso if you have some water that goesinside this part here will get wet andI'll have done something different inthis bag then I'll let you know in aminute on the back you also going tofind a hiding pocket that all the zipperis waterproof and here you can put veryimportant documents per example yourpassport but it's just one pocket so youdon't have anything to divide everythingthat you have to put here so I wouldlike to have seen something differentalso here but also all the interior isin 210D ripstop nylon but right nowlet's talk about the feature that ismore interesting in this backpack thatis obviously this USB port and the onlything that you need is obviouslyrechargeable battery and this one isquite interesting I'll bring reallyreally soon to the channel and thefeature is 9000mahthat you can recharge in 20 minutes butwe'll talk in another video about it sothe only thing that you have to do isobviously you have to plug you put yourbattery inside you close your bag andimagine that I need to recharge thecontrol of my electric skateboard fromslick revolution also if you don't haveseen that video I recommend to check itit will be on the cars in thedescription below and the only thingthat you have to do is obviously connectfrom the outside of your bag it'sconnected and like you can see it'scharging so definitely there is afeature that I really like on this bagwhen we talk about the strap you'll findalso the same mechanism the magnetmechanism to close it and now if youwant to open you have some arrows thatwill let you know where you have to pullit and that seat is adjustable and alsowhen is on top of you is very easy toadjust and to make it bigger or smallerall the materialthe same as you find on the bag is alsocut proof so that is good and here youfind a place to put your glasses likeyou can see let me just take minds toimagine that you are using somesunglasses and you needed to be putthere and it they will stay in place sothat is an advantage if you useregularly your sunglasses you are goingto enter inside the building orsomething you can put in there and youdon't have to concern to put inside abag and after it's very easy to accessto your sunglasses once again but nowI'm going to show you the way that I usethis bag and definitely I don't use onmy shoulders and you'll know why thepros and cons and I always wanted thebag that I can use around my waistand I can use with this one you justhave to do a small adjustment very veryeasy so you open the velcro you pick oneof these metal parts you put in thereand you'll close it and in that way thestrap will be smaller and you can usearound your waist and I really likebecause the bag is very small it staysclose to my body I never forget anywhereand definitely that is a plus a massivemassive plus so let's talk about thepros and cons that you'll find with thisbag and the first one is obviously thebuild quality is amazing it's very verycompact if you are like me that manytimes I mean the chair I take my bag andafter I forget there if you're using theway that I use you will stay alwaysattached to your body and I have to tellyou guys because it's so small it willnot bother you obviously if you put alot of things inside you it will be a bitbulky but this is for small travels soI'm definitely enjoying a lot thisproduct and obviously the biggest Prothat you have with this bag is the USBport so if you need to recharge yourphone or all the devices you don't haveto take out your external battery allthe time from your bag so you just needthe cable you open you put your cablehere and you start to recharge sodefinitely that is a massivepro and when we talk about cons this oneis definitely not a subjective con butfor me it don't bother me at all becauseI use this bag around my waist so for meis exactly the same but if you want touse on one of your shoulders the cushionto put on top of your shoulder is toosmall so it's staying really reallyshort on this area they should have donea little bit longer and in that way youwill have more cushion around this partof your body that it doesn't happen andbesides that many times when you aremoving these part here, it fold andafter you have to adjust and I reallyreally don't like that and the secondcon that I have to tell you guys is thesmall areas the small compartments onthe big area if you want you to put yourexternal battery like you can't see it'simpossible to use it like this becauseafter you don't have this place to closeit so the only way that you have to usethis in my case with this big externalbattery is to use the big compartment soI think they should have done acompartment an horizontal compartmentjust to put our external battery so thatis a subjective con but it's just tolet you know that is something that Iwill have done different in this alpaka air sling.question of the day what you think aboutthe alpaka air sling is it the bag foryou let me know in the comments belowbefore you go don't forget to subscribeto this channel if you don't havesubscribe until now share this videowith your family and friends commentbelow smash the thumbs up and like Isaid in all my videos you already knowthe answer I see you in the next one

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